a book project by Mathis Gasser

in collaboration with 53 Beck Road


Bryan Dooley | Catherine Österberg and Jacques Rogers | Cedric Eisenring | Chihiro Matsumura  Christian Camacho | Ilse Weber | Johnny Bunting | Joshua Sex and Sanja Todorovic |  Julia Hayes  Kim Seob Boninsegni | Lando | Lawrence Leaman | Lola Bunting | Marius Margot | Marta Riniker-Radich | Mary Hurrell | Miriam Laura Leonardi | Peter Bunting | Richard Sides and Angharad Williams | Rolf Winnewisser | Stathis Tsemberlidis | Steve Bishop | Sven Sachsalber | Timothée Calame and Alan Schmalz | Viktor Timofeev | Will Sheridan Jr | Yuichi Yokoyama | Anon

ZEIRAM is a book project by Mathis Gasser in collaboration with 53 Beck Road's Lola Bunting. Featuring the work of 28 artists and artist collaborations ZEIRAM was launched at 53 Beck Road on 21 April 2017 and is now available to order as a limited edition of 200 books.



ZEIRAM is made possible through the kind support of the Swiss Cultural Fund UK

Here for further details on the launch or please contact us