throw a stone for the last stone throne


19 - 27 May 2018

coal tar atop the altar

and at the altar 

burnt coal tar 

a face to face the north face

as smoke from the coal tar

faintly crowns the altar

round and round

and round we go

set light

at night

to see

the sea 

as the pea green boat just floats

to sea

to see

sleeping dogs tell lies

and pigs can fly

as we go round

and round and round

in a boat with no end

a rope sewn

a stone thrown

and that stone throne

round and round

and round they go

just that empty boat to tow.

toe to toe with a boat full of chrome

to cast the kings last throne

at the spot 

where the last thrown stone sat

but it was far from flat

mountain goats 

watching a boat just float 

watching that boat just afloat

to see

to sea

feasting on coal tar and the last fat

at the spot where a stone throne once sat

JB, 2018

Accompanying publication by Johnny Bunting

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