100+ artists LIVE AND ONLINE
Sunday 27th September, from 2 till 7pm


Sarah Lederman, Yellow Sunshine, Yellow Pee, 2020

ZEIRAM, ed. Mathis Gasser and 53 Beck Road, 2017

Will Thompson, Forbidden Worlds, 2019

 Publication by Lola Bunting, 2019

 Hand made books by Johnny Bunting, 2019

Seven Views of Geneva, Peter Bunting

Published by Piece of Paper Press, 1995

Alex Crocker and Ian Homerston, On Land, 2018

Boy they try and mourn ya',
Lola Bunting and Sarah Lederman, 2018 

Tyrants & Sirens, Yana Naidenov and Sofia Stevi, Exhibition publication by NachNeben, 2015

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You can speak to us directly on Sunday 27 September 2-7pm via our ASP6 video link.


A series of photographic prints by Lola Bunting are available to purchase by direct donation to the Young Leaders Fund

(please donate £70 minimum and retain proof of donation).

For more information on the fund and how to purchase a print you can get in touch with us via our ASP6 video link

or donate whatever you can afford via the link below.